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If I wish to contact you regarding an order I have placed?
Please contact Scotts Fuels via email at


When will my oil be delivered?
Our standard delivery times are within 5 working days during autumn and winter. Working days being Monday-Friday excluding public holidays. This may be shorter during spring and summer months. This enables us to schedule our deliveries efficiently and is why we can offer such great value for money.


Can I get my oil delivered any faster?
We have several options you can pay for to get your oil faster.
Priority delivery, within 3 working days. Priority express delivery, within 2 working days.

To deliver my oil you need to go through my house, can you still deliver?
Yes, there is a charge and you must sign a disclaimer before delivery but we can deliver through your house.

I live on a busy street where access to my tank can be difficult, can you still deliver?
Please put a note on the order stating it is a busy street. We will endeavour to work around traffic.

What if I want my tank filled up?
If you want your tank filled up, to put the maximum number of litres you think your tank will hold put a note on the order to fill tank.

What if my tank does not hold what I have ordered?
If your tank does not hold what you ordered, you will only be charged for what you do hold at the closest rate to the litres you hold.

What if I miss my delivery?
If we cannot deliver because the tank is locked or we cannot gain access through a locked gate etc., We can arrange another delivery for which there may be a £20 charge.

How can I see how much oil I received?
We will have left a delivery note/invoice after a delivery which will clearly show the number of litres you received. Alternatively you can log into your account and see a history of your last deliveries.

Why do I have to give my card details when I order?
Scotts Fuels can only offer the lowest prices if our costs are kept to a minimum. When you enter your card details it reduces our administration time. It also has the benefit that we know we can deliver to you even if you had to leave the house unexpectedly assuming we have access to the tank. This reduces the chance of not being able to deliver and being charged to make delivery a second time.

Do you deliver to my post code?
You can check this by getting a quotation on our website. If we do not deliver, it will not give you a quotation.

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